Travel notes 10: Tabogon

The days between Christmas and New Year usually make up a lull in my calendar. This year, I resolved to get out of town for at least a couple of days as I hadn’t taken a vacation since February. Mel, a friend from work, was also planning to take a break so we decided to […]

Chocolate notes 3: sikwate, actually

I will dedicate this blogpost to some notes I made on making sikwate. For the non-Cebuano, “sikwate” is the local term for this global commodity. It’s obviously a pidgenized form of the Spanish “chocolate.” I like that we reinvented the word to fit our tongue better. It implies ownership — by saying it’s sikwate and […]

Trekking notes 3: Canlaon (Part 3) 

I’ve heard a number of forbidding stories about Canlaon. One I often come across is about the two expats who were killed near the crater when the volcano spat out pyroclastic materials whitout any warning. More experienced climbers in my group said that they knew the guide who accompanied the two unfortunate men. According to […]

Trekking notes 2: Canlaon (Part 2)

Nothing about the Philippines’ tropical climate remains above 2,000 meters. It was bitterly cold near Canlaon’s summit. I was looking forward to sleeping comfortably in a warm tent, but this prospect soon disappeared when cold gusts of wind blew.  It was a struggle preparing dinner. Some of my companions were too tired to even bother […]

Trekking notes 1: Canlaon, Part 1 

The main reason why I joined the Cebu Weekly Blogging Challenge was for me to be forced to write about my experiences at least once a week. Since highschool I have told myself to keep a journal. But this never materialized. Despite my laziness to write, I have always dreamed of becoming a writer. Sure, […]